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A Tribute to Jack Gilbert
and Linda Gregg



Among the poetry crowd, Jack Gilbert and Linda Gregg are well known, respected figures. Their latest books which are presented here in our Selected Poets Series have received extraordinary critical acclaim and are very fine examples of their work. Between them they have won a score of awards, prizes and grants. Biographic details can be found on Wikipedia.org, or on many of the online poetry directories. It is our intention here though to pay tribute to more than their work, for these are two very special people who have given a life time of serious devotion not only to the art of poetry and its creation, but to the teaching and mentoring of other writers too.

The picture above offers us a classic view of the couple as they existed together in Greece in the late sixties and early seventies. The image, taken in the village market of Lindos, Rhodes, captures a magic moment of devotion and wonder, and contains a strength of spirit and a rare look into the innocence of those times. From the mid-sixties, through a serious relationship, and perhaps troubled times, and on into other relationships for both of them, this couple has remained tightly connected and astonishingly loyal. They have perhaps created one of the truest friendships of our times and demonstrated that despite the rigors associated with writing, the loneliness, and stubborn need for the self to reign, that two hearts can remain steadfast over time.

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